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The filter material of oil mist filter element is usually made of fiber material. Common oil mist filter materials include the following:

 Cellulose fiber filter: Cellulose fiber is a natural filter, usually made of paper or cellulose fiber. It has high filtration efficiency and capture capacity, can effectively capture oil mist particles.

Synthetic fiber filter materials: synthetic fiber filter materials are generally made of polyester, polypropylene and other synthetic materials. These materials have good filtration effect and high temperature resistance, and can effectively filter and trap oil mist particles. Glass fiber filter material:

Glass fiber filter material has high temperature tolerance and chemical stability, suitable for oil mist filtration under high temperature and corrosive gas environment. It has high trapping efficiency and long life.

Synthetic fiber filter: Synthetic fiber filter is a composite of fiber materials, usually composed of a variety of fiber materials. It has multi-layer structure and filter layers with different apertures, which can achieve higher filtration efficiency and longer service life. These materials have different physical properties and filtration performance, can be selected according to the specific application environment and requirements of the appropriate oil mist filter element filter material.

In the selection and use process, need to consider the filter material filtration efficiency, pressure loss, life and chemical compatibility with the gas to be treated and other factors.

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